ANIMACONTEMPORANEA is an Italian company continuation of a previous historic family business "Ercole per il Sacro" founded 1958 specializing in the design and manufacture of church supply and community furniture. A recent profound transformation went on to revival the liturgical design that has preserved craftsmanship, artistic sensitivity and the technical skills of traditional woodworking with the passion for innovative combination of materials.
HOME CHURCH - Simple, Natural and Solid

Wood is a material that more than any other brings us closer to and makes us fell at one with nature and ourselves. It calls to mind feelings of warmth, protection and home: a welcoming and peaceful place.
Prayer rooms, funeral homes and chapels both private and public are ideal spaces for our natural minimal pieces.
The Collection HOME CHURCH emphasizes function, practicality and ease of use for the various elements. Overall, the collection's appearance is linear and clean composed with sober simplicity and intimate design.
The furniture comes with two colours to be gratifyingly interchangeable in terms of style and main colour shade. The distinctive feature lies in the pure geometric forms and the use of a slightly oblique line as a profile underlying openness and elevation. There is a harmonious balance with bulkier more solid shapes set against forms that communicate movement and lightness. The Collection has a rational design from the material used to production process, from assembly to delivery faithfull to our philosophy of simplicity.